Ways To Use Cannabis To Deal With Carpal Tunnel Pain

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful wrist condition that many people can experience as a direct result of repetitive motions. People often suffer this condition because of their careers; if you do the same movement or hold your hands in the same position for much of the day, inflammation of this region may develop. While it's possible to have surgery for carpal tunnel issues, you might want to experiment with something natural first. Taking cannabis medicinally can potentially reduce your pain and prevent you from having to have surgery — or, at the very least, extend the amount of time until you need to go under the knife. Here are some ways to approach using cannabis for this type of pain.

Try A Topical Treatment

When you visit your local medical marijuana dispensary to seek a product that you'll use medicinally for your carpal tunnel pain, one avenue that you might want to explore is a topical cream. This is an advantageous treatment method because you can put the cream directly onto the part of your body that is causing you the pain — likely the inside of one or both wrists, and potentially extending toward your palms. You'll want to follow the dosage instructions on the jar so that you apply the right amount based on your discomfort.

Use A Sleep Aid

A variety of cannabis products can be ideal for helping you to sleep better. When you're dealing with carpal tunnel pain, sleeping deeply isn't just about not being conscious of the discomfort. Sleep is also integral to the healing process, and if you aren't sleeping well each night — perhaps because of your carpal tunnel pain or maybe because of any other type of issue — your may not be healing as promptly as you'd like. Your local dispensary has a variety of cannabis products, including edibles and sublingual drops, that can help you to relax so that you sleep through the night.

Limit The Problematic Motion

To allow cannabis to help you heal from carpal tunnel pain, you need to stop making the movements that have contributed to this issue. Treating the area topically and getting more sleep are critical to healing, but if you put your wrist in a precarious position daily, you may not see the results that you want. If your pain is work related, seek to change how you work, look for a slightly redefined position, or even consider taking some medical leave.


12 March 2019

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