What To Look For In An Oncology Center

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A cancer diagnosis is a tremendous challenge. If you or a loved one has recently discovered that you will be starting a fight for your health, it is time to start looking for an oncology center. Oncology is the study of tumors and cancer, so an oncology center is a place where you will go to get your cancer treatments. There are many different types of oncology centers, all offering different services and amenities. Here are a few things you may want to look out for when you are choosing a place to receive your treatments.


If you are going to be receiving cancer treatments on a regular basis, you need to pick a place that is close to your home. Some people receive cancer treatments daily, while others need them weekly or monthly. How often you get your treatments may play a role in where you choose to go. If you do not want to go to the one nearest your house, make sure that you find one that is not so far that it will make your treatments more difficult. Having to drive two hours after an eight-hour treatment will make for a very long, uncomfortable day.

Warm, Friendly Staff

Have you ever noticed how much the staff of an establishment affect your overall experience? The same is true with a medical office. While some nurses and medical assistants treat patients like numbers that need to be counted before they can go home, others are warm, interactive, and kind. Finding a clinic with a helpful, friendly staff can make chemotherapy treatments less of a hassle in many ways.

Snacks and Treats

In addition to great seating, some clinics even have snacks, treats, and drinks that their patients can take while they are there. This may seem trivial, but if you will be receiving treatment for 4-8 hours, you are going to get hungry. Find a clinic that has thought of your needs and meets them to the best of their ability. 

There are usually several different cancer treatment centers in or around most cities. Choosing where to receive your treatments can be both a personal choice, as well as a choice out of necessity. Talk to your doctor to see if you have options, and discuss your preferences. Then, make sure that you find out as much as you can about cancer treatment centers in your area by visiting websites for these locations, such as http://swoncology.net/.


6 December 2019

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