These Myths About Speech Therapy Have More Bark Than Bite

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Hearing that your child needs or could benefit from speech therapy may be a little alarming at first. But often, this is because some of the things you've heard about speech therapy aren't exactly accurate. Disinformation is all over the place, but the following myths about speech therapy have more bark than bite! Speech therapy is just for developmentally delayed kids You may assume that since your child needs speech therapy, they must have some sort of developmental delay.

3 December 2020

Understanding The Vision Issues You May Have Following A Brain Injury

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If you have recently suffered a brain injury, your doctor may be considering vision therapy as part of your recovery plan. Many brain injury sufferers find themselves confused by vision problems or may not realize that a vision issue they are experiencing could be connected to their brain injury. Because so much of your brain is directly involved in vision processing, it's important that you understand the warning signs of vision problems that could be directly connected to your brain injury.

4 November 2020

Appreciating The Versatility That Colorado-Grown Hemp Offers

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As more states legalize the growing and sale of hemp, people across the country are becoming more aware of what purposes it can be used for. However, for individuals who are not yet familiar with it, they may wonder what hemp is and why it is becoming more commonplace in healthcare today. In particular, they might have questions about whether or not Colorado-grown hemp is really safe to use. They can allay concerns that they may have by learning about the medical versatility of Colorado-grown CBD.

6 October 2020

What You Should Know About Ragweed Allergies

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As the fall season approaches, so do certain kinds of seasonal allergies. One particular type of seasonal allergy that is common in the fall is a ragweed allergy. Also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, ragweed allergies affect 23 million people in the country. If you want to better understand this type of allergy, here are some things you should know. Know the Symptoms The symptoms of ragweed allergies are very similar to that of the common cold.

31 August 2020