Introducing your daughter to the gynecologist

3 Non-Surgical Options For Spinal Compression

Spinal compression can cause a number of symptoms, including pain, numbness, and incontinence. As a result, seeking treatment is necessary. Although there are surgical options available for treating the condition, your doctor will most likely recommend non-surgical options first. If you are suffering from spinal compression, here are some of the non-surgical options your doctor could […]

Dim The Din: Benefits For Tinnitus Via Hearing Aids

Tinnitus is a moderately common condition, with 20% of the population having some form of it (and almost all of those suffering from hearing loss at the same time) at any given time. And while there’s no cure to this chronic and annoying condition, there are different treatments, both prescription and natural, that can help […]

Want To Dip Your Toe Into The Healthcare Field? Where Should You Begin?

If you’ve always known you want to work in healthcare, you may still be overwhelmed by the number of available jobs and specialties outside the physician role — from physician’s assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) who are able to perform immediate medical care and prescribe medication and laboratory tests to certified nursing assistants (CNAs) […]

How to Protect Your Eyes Against Blue Light

Natural blue light is very prevalent in our environment. It makes the sky look blue. The natural form of this light comes from the sun. Your body uses blue light to adjust your natural sleep and wake cycles. This light also elevates your mood, increases feelings of well-being and boosts your alertness. However, it comes […]

Information About Urgent-Care Centers You Need to Know

More people than ever before are visiting emergency rooms for medical care usually provided by primary-care physicians. Knowing ahead of time the level of care you can receive at an urgent-care center is extremely important, especially if you have a medical event that is more serious than an urgent-care facility is able to treat. Follow […]

Preventing Bone Loss In The Jaw

Your jaw may seem like a solid part of your skull, but it is possible to lose bone mass in your jaw due to a number of circumstances. Losing bone mass is bad not only because it’s not normal (it might be common, but that doesn’t make it normal), but it can also have side […]