Is Your Child Afraid Of The Dentist? 6 Ways To Reduce Anxiety In Children

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Taking your child to the dentist can be difficult, especially when they suffer from severe anxiety. Instead of avoiding the dentist, you can find ways to help your child relax during their dental visit. Here are a few ways to help take the stress out of dental visits.

Start Dental Care Early

One of the easiest ways to avoid dental anxiety is to begin dental care early in life. When children begin seeing their dentist before they have dental problems, they won't automatically equate dental visits with pain. Not only that, but when you start their dental care early, they are less likely to develop dental problems that will require extensive work.

Try A Distraction

If the sounds of the dental office are causing your child anxiety, try offering them a distraction. Handheld video games, tablets, or even music players with headphones will allow your child to focus on something other than the dental work that is being performed.

Avoid Discussing Your Own Dental Fears

You may have had dental procedures that caused you pain or distress. It's important that you not discuss those procedures in front of young children. You may be creating a situation where your child develops anxiety based on your experiences. Instead, try to speak positively about the dentist. This will help ease any apprehension that your child might have.

Sit With Your Child

When it's time for your child to have dental work, go into the exam room with them. Knowing that you're nearby can help alleviate your child's fears. Holding your child's hand can also help assure them that they're safe. It's important that you leave the talking to the dentist. The dentist will be able to explain what is happening, which will help alleviate their stress.

Choose The Right Dentist

This is perhaps the most important way to help ensure a relaxed dental visit for your child. It's important that your child feel comfortable with the dentist you've chosen for them. For very young children, try to choose a dentist that is experienced in pediatric dentistry.

Discuss Sedation

When all else fails, you may need to discuss sedation with your dentist. Sedation will allow your child to remain calm during their procedures. There are various types of sedation available, including:

  • Oral medications
  • Nitrous oxide
  • IV sedation

It's important that your child receive proper dental care. That can be difficult when your child is afraid of the dentist. These simple tips can help take the stress and fear out of your child's dental visits.

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8 January 2015

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