4 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

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If you're having a baby, you will want to do everything possible to ensure your child is healthy.  As the expecting mother, there are certain things you can do may increase the possibility of giving birth to a healthy baby. Knowing specific tips that will help you do this can be of great assistance if you are pregnant.

Tip #1: Take a Pre-natal vitamin

Being with child will require you to increase the amount of nutrients that you need each day. One effective way to do this is by taking a pre-natal vitamin that has the extra ingredients your body needs when you're pregnant.

Additionally, it is important to eat a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables that work to provide your body with the nutrition it needs while you are in this state. Try to incorporate lean meats and avoid foods that are loaded with sugar and fat.

Tip #2: Continue to exercise

Consult with your gynecologist to ensure it is okay for you to exercise. This will help keep your body strong and may help in during and after the birth.

Walking is ideal for you during all stages of the pregnancy and swimming can benefit you during the latter stages.

Tip #3: See your doctor

The most effective way to ensure you will have a healthy baby is by seeing your OBGYN. Once you think you may be pregnant, you should schedule an appointment to have this confirmed.

Studies show that most women visit the OBGYN at least 15 times during a completed pregnancy.  This will ensure your good health and the babies, as well.

Tip #4:  Practice common sense

There are certain things you should avoid doing when you're pregnant to decrease the possibility of childbirth problems.

Listed below are specific things you should do:

1.  Avoid lifting heavy objects

2.  Don't smoke or use any tobacco products

3.  Minimize the amount of alcohol you consume

4.  Avoid stressful situations as frequently as possible

5.  Get adequate rest each night

6.  Try exercises that work to strengthen your back and pelvic area

Finally, taking good care of yourself and the baby you are having will help ensure you have a healthy child. Be sure to consult with an OBGYN at the earliest stage of your pregnancy for the necessary confirmation of this fact and to schedule your routine visits as necessary. To learn more, contact a professional like Patricia A. Giuffre, MD with any questions you have.


29 January 2015

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