What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

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Making the decision to move into an assisted living facility is a hard one. Why make it more complicated by stumbling around in the dark? Below is a list of five factors to keep in mind while you tour potential facilities for your loved ones.

1. Assess for Current and Future Needs

Most facilities may have elevators, but do they also have easy access for mobility scooters and wheelchairs throughout the facility? Is the apartment accessible, should the need for such a device arise in the future? One often overlooked feature is facility-provided transportation for the tenant's various purposes and needs. This is often a factor that causes much distress if one fails to consider it, due to how isolating the lack of transportation to and from the outside world is. However, this can be alleviated somewhat if the facility is located within walking distance.  

2. Safety

Be sure to take note of any features that surface and present a potential concerning situation for safety. A lot of surfaces that would be easy to trip or slip on should be kept to a minimum. Be sure to check for features that would help in case of a fall, or to help prevent one--such as railings in public bathrooms. Another safety issue to ask faculty about is the presence of a secure unit for tenants with progressive diseases, like Alzheimer's or dementia. If they say that such tenants are instead scattered about in the normal housing areas, or wandering about for long periods of time with little supervision, then you may want to consider a different assisted living facility.

3. Look into the Experiences of Families and Residents

Be sure to ask around and get feedback about life in the facility. This can often lend you valuable perspectives, as well as insight into potential issues, and how to avoid them. If there has been a history of elderly abuse at the facility, then this is often where you will hear about it. However, don't dive into this expecting the experience to be negative. Try to balance this by looking into the positive aspects as well. How interesting are the other tenants? Do they mesh well with your loved one? Do they take pride in their community by hosting their own clubs and activities, or are all options poorly-attended and threadbare activities run by the facility themselves? These may seem small, but they shed a lot of light on the health of the community at large.

4. Staff Friendliness

Be sure to pay attention to your interactions with the staff. Are they friendly and courteous? Do they treat tenants in a dignified manner? This is arguably the most important category on this list, and sadly the most neglected. Make no mistake: interactions with the staff are a crucial factor. If they act less than professional, or are even the slightest bit rude or abusive, then the place should be flat-out eliminated from any further consideration. If it's bad enough, then be sure to report them to the proper authorities.

5. Trust your Gut

At the end of it all, you may have to rely on your instincts to help you make the final decision. Don't take the plunge if you feel uneasy about the surroundings, since that could potentially indicate an underlying problem that could cause grief to your loved ones. Always remember to follow your heart: better safe than sorry, after all.

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3 February 2015

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