Four Indicators That Marriage Counseling Can Be A Success


If you are wondering if marriage counseling is a workable solution for your relationship, here are some indicators that counseling just might work. If there are real problems in your relationship, but both parties are present and will to go to counseling, a couple might gain from the experience.

Here are four indicators that marriage counseling can be worthwhile and actually work:

1. If Both Partners are Willing to do the Work

Marriage counseling can be hard work. Relearning how to respect and love your partner must come from both spouses and sometimes some homework is required. Anything that your counselor suggests you do on your own or together outside of counseling, be a good sport and give it a try.

These days we can all be so busy with work, children and commitments that canceling a session or two might not seem like a big deal. The truth is that by not respecting your commitments, you aren't respecting your marriage. Put in the time and make counseling a priority.

2. If the Biggest Issue is Communication

Communication is a skill that can be learned. Marriage counselors can help with skill building and practicing communication. If you and your partner are primarily having communication issues, this is something that can be solved if addressed and evaluated.

3. If Individuals are Willing to Work on Themselves

Take personal responsibility for flaws and issues in a relationship when it is warranted. Growing as a couple as well as a person are both important. In counseling sessions there may be times that you are brought to task to discuss what may have contributed to marriage troubles. Be patient with your spouse. Listen, and try to own up to your mistakes.

4. If Couples are Willing Seek Advice Before it's too Late

If a couple has the wherewithal to see the writing on the wall when there are problems, the possibility for reconciliation will be better. If you notice that your relationship needs a little help, there is nothing wrong with a relationship check-up, by intermittently seeing a counselor. This will keep communication lines open and show one another you are willing to put the effort into your relationship.

The success of marriage counseling is not solely up to the expertise of the counselor- they can only guide a couple to a certain point. If there haven't been irreparable damages and a couple is willing to meet each other halfway, counseling has a chance of success. It is up to a couple to grow together and get their marriage back on the road to success.

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5 February 2015

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