2 Types Of Hearing Aids To Consider

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Picking out a new hearing aid can be a very difficult experience, mostly because there are quite a few different hearing aid options on the market. Two types of hearing aids that you should consider are completely in the canal and behind-the-ear aids.

Completely In The Canal

Completely in the canal hearing aids are going to be the smallest hearing aids that you can buy. In fact, this type of hearing aid is so small that it will often require the use of a small cord that is attached to the device itself to remove. This is because the hearing aid is so small and fits so far inside the ear canal that it can be difficult to remove with just your fingers.

One of the biggest advantages to a completely in the canal hearing aid is that it can be custom-made for you, which is very important to ensure that you get a hearing aid that is very comfortable for you. Another advantage is that since the hearing aid fits completely inside the ear canal, you do not have to worry about wind noise interfering with the microphone. Also, this is going to be the best choice if you want a discrete hearing aid that most people won't even notice.

Now, this type of hearing aid does have a few disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that you will not have any volume or microphone controls on the aid itself, mostly because the aid is too small to fit any controls on it. Another disadvantage is that the hearing aid can only use very small batteries, which means that you will need to change the batteries more frequently.


Another popular hearing aid option is the behind-the-ear hearing aid. This hearing aid is located outside of the ear for the most part, and closely resembles a hands-free cell phone earpiece. Now, the biggest disadvantage that this hearing aid has is that it is quite large and obvious.

However, the large size does allow the behind-the-ear hearing aid to accommodate larger batteries, which means that you will not be changing the batteries as often. In addition, the large size of the hearing aid will allow you to have access to volume controls, which is great if you need to lower the volume in a crowded restaurant or increase it to better hear the people you are conversing with. 

Speak to a specialist like Hearing Professionals of Illinois today in order to discuss what type of hearing aid would be best for your level of hearing loss. A behind-the-ear hearing aid is perfect if you want long battery life and volume controls, while a completely in the canal aid is best if you are looking for a discrete hearing aid.


10 February 2015

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