3 Things A Weight Loss Doctor Can Do For You

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If you have tried for quite some time to lose weight on your own without any success, then it may be a good idea to look into going to a weigh loss clinic. This clinic will have trained weigh loss doctors who will know how to help you. They look at each person on an individualized basis, and help to find a weight loss solution that it tailored just for you. This article will discuss 3 things a weight loss doctor can do for you. 

Run A Series Of Health Tests

When you initially go into the weight loss clinic, you will receive a series of health tests. This will include a body composition analysis that measures the amount of fat you have in your body vs. the amount of lean mass that you have. You will also receive several blood tests that will test things like thyroid levels, blood sugar levels, the amount of vitamins in your blood, cortisol, and any other tests the doctor sees beneficial. You may even complete a physical exercise test to see where you are at physically. 

Create A Diet and Workout Plan

Once your weight loss doctor has completed all of these tests, they will then know enough about you to create an individualized diet and exercise plan that will work for you. The doctor will take into consideration what healthy foods you enjoy, and from there they will be able to create a plan that has a good ratio of proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, and other vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. 

Your exercise plan will also be tailored to your current fitness level, and will increase in difficulty and intensity as your fitness level improves. You may start off with simply walking and lifting light weights, but overtime, more intense types of cardio, like running, and more weight training will be added into your routine. Your doctor may also have you participate in fitness activities that you find fun, such as hiking, skating, and swimming. 

Prescribe and Recommend Weight Loss Aids

At the end of your appointment, your doctor may recommend some health supplements that you can take, or they may prescribe you some weight loss aids. They will tell you what pre-workouts and proteins may help you to get the most out of your workout and also to recover from it quickly and properly. Also, they may prescribe you some diet pills that will help your body to lose some of the stubborn weight that you can't seem to get off, while at the same time giving you more energy. 

For more information, try contacting weight loss clinics in your area. 


24 March 2015

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