4 Ways That Your OBGYN Will Recommend Pain Reduction After A Vaginal Delivery


It is no secret that the process of giving birth is painful, but it is also quite painful even after you have given birth. Your vaginal area will be quite sore, and will need time to heal. Thankfully, there are certain things your OBGYN will recommend for you to do to help live with the pain of post-delivery until it subsides. This article will discuss 4 things your OBGYN will recommend to help you, if you had a vaginal delivery. 

Sit On A Donut

Since too much pressure on your vaginal area may cause it to pulsate with pain, your obstetrics specialist will recommend you to purchase a donut to sit on when you are sitting for long periods of time. This donut will take the pressure off your vaginal area because it will elevate you off of your seat. This will allow you to sit and nurse your baby, hold your baby, or simply just rest, without having to deal with the extra pain that comes along with it. 

Soak In Warm Baths

Your OBGYN will also recommend that you soak in a warm bath, whenever you are feeling a lot of pain in your vaginal area. This bath should contain nothing but warm water, because you don't want soap to burn your vaginal area. You can even sit on your donut in the bath to reduce the pressure of sitting, if you would like. You don't need to stay in the bath long, just long enough to reduce some of the pain and swelling. 

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

This may be a given, but is something that most OBGYNs will discuss with you. They will explain that exercise should be avoided until you have given yourself time to heal. You will also be told to listen to your body, and begin light exercise when you feel ready. Walking may be painful for you at first, but as you heal, you will notice that you can walk more and more. Your OBGYN will also check you at your 6 week post partum checkup to see if you are healing properly, and to give you the green flag to begin your regular exercise routine. 

Use Soothing Topical Medications

There are certain topical ointments, sprays, and pads that your hospital will likely provide for you after you have your baby, and you can purchase there from your local grocery or drug store once you leave the hospital. You can get a cooling spray that has medication in it that will help to relieve your pain. You can also place moist medicated pads in your underwear, on top of your regular pad, that will help to provide constant cooling relief. 


14 July 2015

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