A Haven Of Rest: How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Anxiety-Reducing Retreat

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If you suffer from mild anxiety, relief may be as near as your own backyard. Anxiety is often caused by excessive stress and worry. Learning to relieve anxiety with exercise and other natural relaxation techniques are good options to try before turning to medications. However, even when medication is necessary, the addition of natural stress-relieving techniques can be helpful in reducing anxiety levels.  

Have you ever noticed how being outdoors has a natural tendency to make you feel more relaxed? Whether it's a soothing breeze, moving water, or birds singing, there's just something therapeutic about the natural world we live in.

Creating a relaxing environment at home is like going on a mini vacation every day. It's easy, fun, and the benefits are a more relaxed and healthier you.

Design a relaxing retreat

Begin by sectioning off a portion of your backyard to create your relaxation oasis. A private or secluded spot is best.

Consider purchasing a fountain to provide the sound of trickling water. Buy or plant some flowers with calming scents. Lilacs, lavender, and lemon balm are known for their relaxing smells.

Add a comfortable chair, swing, or hammock to retreat to when you need some rest and relaxation.

Grow your own medicine

Experiment with herbs known to reduce stress. A few to start with are chamomile and lemon balm. A few small pots are all you need to get started. You can make healthy teas that may have a calming effect on frazzled nerves.

The act of gardening itself has been known to reduce stress levels in some people. Growing your own herbs is a great introduction to stress-free gardening.

Considering adding an outdoor yoga studio

While constructing a yoga studio may sound expensive, it's not when you create one outdoors. Basic yoga requires minimal items to get started and can be a great stress reliever. Grab a yoga mat and an instructional manual and you're ready to begin.

Consider putting up an outdoor privacy screen to section off your yoga studio if your yard isn't private. A large trellis planted with vined plants is another option. Morning glories, passion flowers, honeysuckle, and clematis are good choices. Just make sure it's in an area where the ground is flat.

A portable yoga mat will complete your personal outdoor studio. If you prefer a hard surface floor, you can purchase portable floors in a variety of sizes.

Getting relief from mild anxiety may be as simple as making a few healthy lifestyle changes at home. Having a place where you can go to unwind and relax is important for reducing stress.

When you feel those familiar twinges of anxiety starting, retreat to your personal oasis for some relaxation time. Whether you nap in your hammock, sip a cup of your homemade herbal tea, or work on a few yoga stretches, you may be surprised at how calm and peaceful you feel. If you feel that you are in need of medical help for your anxiety, consider contacting a professional like those at Psychological Associates of PA.


17 July 2015

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