How To Make Your Stair Lift More Comfortable

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If you are going to be using a stair lift  or stair glide on a regular basis, you are going to want to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible. If you know that your stair lift is going to be comfortable, then you will be more willing to travel through your house and get everything you need to enjoy your day. Here are some tips for making sure that your stair lift is inviting.

1. Make Sure That it Has Enough Cushions

The easiest way to improve the comfort level of your stair lift is to add cushions. Most stair lifts will come with some sort of padding in order to make sure that the person who is riding it does not experience chafing. However, the padding is going to be harder and closer to the hard interior of the lift, rather than plush and some people might find it uncomfortable. You can go to a bath and bedding store in order to purchase additional cushions for your chair lift. You are going to want a sturdy, flatter one to support your lower back, a squishy one that will mold to your body shape for the seat, and a regular pillow for your upper back. Make sure that you measure the dimensions of the stair lift in order to ensure that all of the cushions are comfortable.

Once you have the cushions, take duct tape and wrap it around each cushion in order to make sure that it stays. You can also contact the manufacturer to see if there are any cushions that you can buy that will fit over the parts of the lift and do not require any additional adhesive.

2. Install Armrests

Another feature that you can get to make your stair lift more comfortable is to have a professional come and install armrests. The armrests will give you a place put your arms, as well as increase your overall feeling of safety because they also act as guardrails for your body. If you do not have the money to hire a professional, you can also cover PVC pipes with cushioning and screw them into the chair.

3. Make It Yours

Finally, you can become more comfortable with your stair lift by making it unique to you. Consider wrapping ribbon around parts of it to add a dash of color or covering parts of it with glitter. Doing this will cause the stair lift to feel less like a foreign piece of equipment in your home and more like a regular appliance that you can use without trepidation.

For more information, talk to the manufacturer of your stair lift.


27 August 2015

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