About Moles And Getting Them Removed By A Specialist

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Are you tired of the moles on your skin because they detract from your appearance? You can get the moles removed by visiting a specialist, and he or she can also determine if the moles are malignant or not. Find out in this article about moles and how much they cost to get removed. 

What Should Be Known About Moles?

It is important for you to get your moles examined by a specialist because although they are not always harmful, there is still a chance that they are malignant. The specialist will be able to determine what types of moles you have and the best way to get rid of them. Moles can develop on any area of your skin, and often the cause for them developing is from being exposed to the sun a lot. You can get moles based on the genes inherited by your parents, and they can appear at birth.

Basically, moles consist of a lot of melanocytes. The melanocytes are responsible for producing the pigment in your skin, which is why moles will usually appear dark (some moles are lighter than others). Before a specialist can remove your moles, he or she will have to make sure they are not malignant in case you need special treatment. He or she will also make sure what you think are moles are not just freckles, as they can look alike.

The method for removing your moles will depend on what they look like. For instance, elevated moles can be cut off via a scalpel. The specialist will simply cut the moles off without going deep into your skin if there is not a mass of melanocytes under the skin. Some moles can also be removed by freezing them with liquid nitrogen. Moles can also be burned off with an electric current, but you may have to undergo more than one treatment session before the moles are completely gone.

What is the Estimated Cost to Get Moles Removed?

You should expect to pay at least $100 for each mole that is removed. The price actually depends on the mole removal method that is used by the specialist. Mole removal is estimated at $400 per mole on the highest end of the scale. Your health insurance may cover a portion of the price if the specialist suspects that any of your moles are malignant. Make an appointment with a specialist to get your moles examined and removed as soon as possible!


29 October 2015

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