What Is Hyperpigmentation And How Can It Be Treated?

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There are several questions that people have about hyperpigmentation and how a dermatologist can treat them or a loved one who has contracted this condition. Throughout this brief article, you'll learn a bit about what hyperpigmentation is, what causes it, and how a dermatologist can treat the issue.

How Is It Defined?

Hyperpigmentation can be roughly described as a darkening of the skin due to an extreme amount of melanin that is present in the pigmentation; melanin is the substance in the body that controls the hue of the skin. Hyperpigmentation generally occurs in localized areas of the skin and does not affect the entirety of it. Although many find hyperpigmentation aesthetically unpleasing, there is generally no cause for alarm. It is usually not a sign of an issue that is more malignant. Hyperpigmentation can occur anywhere in the body, though people tend to take an issue with it when it appears on readily visible areas of the skin, such as the face or hands.

What Causes It?

In some cases, researchers have found that there is no impetus for the body producing an excess of melanin at all. It simply can just happen. However, there are some external factors that can cause the body to generate more melanin that it usually does. For example, overexposure to the sun's UV rays is thought to overproduce melanin, which, in turn, can cause hyperpigmentation.

How Can A Dermatologist Help?

A dermatologist can help lessen the effects of hyperpigmentation in one of several ways, or a combination of these methods. Although all dermatologists' methods differ, one of the first things they tend to do for patients with hyperpigmentation is prescribe a topical cream that will lighten the skin in areas in which melanin is overproduced. For those patients who are experiencing extreme melanin production, more aggressive tactics will be used. Chemical peels are a popular way to combat excess melanin in the skin. This procedure involves the application of chemicals that burn away the epidermal layer of the skin, getting rid of the darker areas associated with hyperpigmentation. When the skin regenerates, it will manifest itself with a lighter tone that is roughly the same hue as the rest of your skin.

Before making any decisions on how to proceed with an issue related to hyperpigmentation, it is recommended that you consult a trusted dermatologist like J Kent Bartruff MD PA on the matter. Call your local dermatology clinic and make an appointment at your convenience.


4 February 2016

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