A Real Pain In The...Hemorrhoid Home Remedies To Remember For Relief

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The itching, burning, pain that comes along with hemorrhoids is no joke and can completely interfere with your ability to walk, stand, or do just about anything without feeling uncomfortable. There is no doubt about it: hemorrhoids are no laughing matter--they are a real pain. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels around the anus that become inflamed when constricted, causing them to swell either internally or externally. This painful problem is caused by everything from being pregnant to being overweight or just constipated. But, thankfully, there are a handful of home remedies that may help you alleviate the pain and pressure of hemorrhoids at home. 

Grab some frozen veggies from the freezer and take a seat.

Cold ice packs can help to relieve swelling and irritation that comes along with hemorrhoids, but traditional ice packs may be a little uncomfortable. Grab a bag of small veggies, such as corn or peas, cover with a thin towel, and take a seat on the bag. Try doing this at least a few times a day while you watch TV or sit at the computer. The cold will help to relieve some of the pain you are experiencing with your hemorrhoids. 

Reduce burning and itching with apple cider vinegar. 

Soak a soft cloth or cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply directly to an external hemorrhoid if you are dealing with a great deal of burning and itching. The acidic vinegar will sting temporarily, but you will probably get immediate relief from itching. If your hemorrhoids are out of reach and internal, where they may be causing some mild bleeding, try taking about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

Shrink the hemorrhoids naturally using essential oils. 

There are a handful of essential oils that can help both alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids and shrink them back to their normal size. One example is tea tree oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied directly to the area with a cotton pad. 

Use olive oil to keep the area supple. 

Part of the reason hemorrhoids are so painful is because the swelling involved stretches the skin and tissue around your anus to an extent that is not normal. Olive oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, but it will also help to keep the skin around the hemorrhoids supple and soft, which can ward off some of the itching and burning sensations. 


29 March 2016

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