Should Your Dog Live Outside?

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Many older people remember well when dogs mainly lived outside. In fact, those pets who had their own space in the living room or family room were somewhat rare. If you are considering going back to the "good old days," you need to think again. Outdoor living can harm your beloved dog.


You can provide a comfortable dog house, but that may not be enough to keep certain breeds warm enough in the wintertime. Your vet will tell you that short-haired dogs like greyhounds and retrievers can easily get too chilled and even develop hypothermia. Older dogs and those not in the best of health can easily succumb to severe cold. Of course, they should be let out briefly during the cold to take care of their needs, but the exposure should not be lengthy. The same goes for extreme heat. Bulldogs, boxers, and pugs can easily overheat and even suffer from heatstroke. Dogs need to be sheltered from the elements.


Keeping dogs outside by themselves does not help their behavior. In fact, it can often make it worse. Puppies, in particular, may find themselves banished to the backyard because they are wrecking the house. Unfortunately, when a dog feels isolated, they can show really disturbing behavior. When they do get attention, they tend to be too enthusiastic and overwhelm their visitors. Young dogs can also become more difficult to train. As a result, you are tempted to leave them outside for even longer periods, exacerbating the problem. If you do have a problem with your dog's behavior, consider puppy training.


If you tie or chain your dog outside, you could be placing them in danger. They could be at the mercy of humans who want to torment them or other dogs that run loose. If you live in the country, your dog could end up being attacked by a wild animal and be unable to escape. When you fence in your backyard, your animal is safer, but they are best protected when they are kept inside at night and when you are gone.

You may think your dog will be happier when left to live outside, but that is rarely true. Dogs need to socialize and be protected from the elements. In addition, they need to be protected from outdoor threats. When your dog lives inside, they become a true member of the family and are more likely to behave well. Like all living creatures, dogs do better when they feel loved and safe.


2 June 2016

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