Going For Pain Therapy At A Day Spa? Here's What You Should Expect

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When most people think of pain management, they envision trips to the doctor or physical therapy center and even prescription medication. However, there is an alternative type of pain therapy that is usually offered at your typical day spa. A day spa offers a relaxing atmosphere where customers can go to rest, rejuvenate, and unwind, but many now focus on greater well being where health is concerned, and pain therapy is part of this idea. If you are planning a trip to a day spa for pain therapy, it is likely you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most prevailing questions about pain therapy services at a day spa. 

Why is pain therapy a natural part of the spa service offering?

The answer to this is easily overlooked if you are not familiar with how pain can be affected in a relaxing atmosphere. Even something as simple as soothing music can help a patient who is in pain to feel a little better, which proves the point that medical treatment is not the only way to help alleviate pain. A day spa primarily focuses on relaxation through various treatments, whether it is a massage or a long soak in a Jacuzzi. Therefore, pain therapy just naturally melds well with the existing atmosphere and the services offered. The fact is, treating pain and encouraging relaxation go hand in hand. Due to the mind-body connections, one thing naturally affects the other. 

What types of pain therapy services can you find at a day spa?

The types of therapy and treatments offered by a day spa for pain therapy reasons will differ from one place to the next. In general, you should expect things like:

  • deep tissue massage 
  • muscular therapy using pressure points 
  • heat therapy and treatments with hot water or paraffin wax

Some of the more elaborate day spas may also offer lesser-known alternative pain therapy, depending on the professionals who treat patients in the facility. For example, some day spas do offer things like electrotherapeutic treatment and stimulation to help relieve things like migraines. 

Is it true that some day spas can recommend herbal remedies for pain?

Some day spas do offer a heavy focus on extended pain management, since it is not always logical for a client to visit daily or even weekly. Therefore, herbal remedies are often a part of the aftercare recommendations provided to clients who come in for pain therapy. 

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26 September 2016

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