Why Asthma Can Make Conception Difficult: And How To Manage This Problem

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Women attempting to conceive have a rough uphill battle that can be made even more difficult by asthma. There are a few reasons that this problem makes conception so difficult. Thankfully, they can be managed with a little work.

Asthma Attacks Can Disrupt Attempts At Conception

A woman with an asthma attack may suffer from one during her attempts to conceive, creating a potential emergency that must be managed right away. The reasons for this are simple. Many people who suffer from asthma experience what is known as exercise-induced asthma. This condition occurs when a person's lungs are worked too hard during physical exertion.

As a typical session of intercourse is likely to be quite physically active, it is one of the most common causes of an asthma attack. However, there is another influence on asthma attacks while trying to conceive that is stranger than exertion-induced asthma attacks.

It Can Be Even Stranger

While the rigorous nature of intercourse may trigger an asthma attack, it may also be triggered by an allergy to semen or sperm. This rare problem occurs in women and can cause them to break out in serious rashes. Even worse, it can cause them to suffer from severe asthma attacks that make it nearly impossible for them to conceive.

Thankfully, it is possible to treat this condition if it is managed at an early date. For example, a two-pronged attack of managing the allergy and calming the symptoms of an asthma attack can help a woman and her partner conceive effectively.

Treating This Problem

The most natural way to treat asthma attacks caused by this kind of allergy is a process known as desensitization. This means that the person with the allergy is exposed to increasing amounts of the substance over a period of time. For women who are trying to get pregnant, this is a beneficial process. It can help manage their allergy and decrease the frequency of their asthma attacks.

However, it is also crucial to manage the symptoms of asthma attacks as they occur. For example, a woman who suffers from one during intercourse needs to immediately stop, find an inhaler, and manage their attack. If it is severe enough, it may be necessary to go to an asthma doctor and have them apply healing treatments to prevent a recurrence.

These steps are crucial for women with a sperm allergy who are trying to conceive. It can not only help increase their likelihood of getting pregnant but prevent asthma attacks. This is a major benefit for women who plan on conceiving multiple times.  Contact a health service, like North Texas Allergy, for more help.


27 August 2017

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