A Foot Massage Is A Relaxing Experience That Also Relieves Pain

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If your feet always feel tired and achy, then having a foot massage might help. A massage can benefit your feet just as much as a back massage can benefit the rest of your body. If you know you have a specific foot condition such as plantar fasciitis, then be sure to let your therapist know so the massage can be tailored to give you the most benefit. Otherwise, a general foot massage may bring you relief after a long day at work or after a morning of running. Here's how a foot massage helps you feel better.

A Massage Improves The Circulation In Your Feet

Circulation problems are common in feet due to medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Plus, standing on your feet all day can lead to swelling that increases your discomfort. A gentle massage that includes stroking and kneading your feet helps increase blood circulation. When blood flow increases in your feet, more oxygen and nutrients reach the tissues so repair of any injury is enhanced.

A Deep Massage Breaks Up Old Scar Tissue

If you've had an injury to a tendon or the fascia, you might have old scar tissue that developed during the healing process. This scar tissue causes adhesions that contribute to foot pain. A deep tissue massage helps break up the scar tissue which releases the adhesions. This can help reduce pain and assist healing. A deep tissue massage can be painful or uncomfortable on your feet since your feet tend to be a tender part of your body. Your massage therapist will customize your treatment so you get the best benefits while still being able to tolerate the procedure comfortably.

A Massage May Benefit Ankle Stiffness Too

If you have problems with stiffness in your ankles, a foot massage may help in a few ways. Increased blood flow to your ankles might help. Also, when the therapist massages and rotates your ankle, this may gradually increase the range of motion in the joints and tissues. If your foot and ankle pain is caused by arthritis, frequent gentle massages might improve the flexibility in your ankle, or at least help reduce the pain.

A Foot Massage Relaxes Your Whole Body

When the tension and pain leave your feet during a massage, it helps your entire body relax. A foot massage is a great way to unwind after work, and it helps with relaxation and stress relief in much the same way as a whole-body massage. However, a foot massage is more convenient and a good option when you are short on time, don't want to disrobe, or don't enjoy the sensation of having your back massaged. For more information, check out http://dccrocksprings.com/.   


25 January 2018

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