4 Ways To Stay Healthy As You Start Working Out Again

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If you are just getting back into exercising or if you already working out on a frequent basis, it is always important to review and remind yourself how to stay safe when you are exercising. Preventing injury is vitally important if you want to stay healthy while exercising.

Start Out Slowly

If you are not already working out, you are going to want to pace yourself. Going from sitting around all day to doing two-hour boot camps every day is a sure way to injure your body. If you are making the choice to start becoming physically active again, pace yourself. Gradually increasing your physical activity is the best way to ensure that your body doesn't get injured as you are working to exercise and improve your overall health.

Even if you are working out a few days a week, don't make a drastic increase in your exercise schedule. Gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to reach your desired fitness level.

Be sure to consult with your primary care doctor as well, and work with them to come up with a workout plan for you that allows you get back in shape while being aware of any other health issues you have as well.

Stop When You Are Not Feeling It

Learn the difference between pushing yourself and hurting yourself. If you are sick, don't go push yourself through an intense workout when your body can't handle it. If you are feeling extremely exhausted, remember that it is okay to take time off.

When doing an exercise, if you feel like your muscles can't handle it, stop. Don't push yourself to the point that you pull a muscle; doing so can sideline you for weeks. Learn how to stop when you are tired, don't have the energy, or feel like you are putting your body's safety at risk.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is not just about drinking water while you are working out. Make sure that you drink water before you work out so that you are already well-hydrated when you start working out. After you work out, make sure that you are replacing the electrolytes that you burned.

One of the easiest ways to replace your electrolytes is to drink a beverage that is designed to replace your electrolytes, like many sports drinks are designed to do. You can also replenish your electrolytes with seeds, nuts, milk, yogurt, and a banana.

Always Add in Warm-Up & Cool-Down Time

Make sure that you give yourself at least ten minutes to warm up before you start your exercise routine and ten minutes to cool down at the end of your workout. If you are taking a class or participating in a league that doesn't include warm-up and cool-down time, make sure that you put aside extra time on your own to warm up your muscles and cool them down.

Before you work out, you want to get the blood flowing through your muscles and stretch them out. After you work out, you want to cool down and stretch out your muscles in order to prevent soreness and injury later on.

If you want to work out and get in shape, be it through a dance class, yoga, or basketball, you need to make sure that you take care of yourself. Start out slowly and gradually increase the intensity of your workout routine. Always include warm-up and cool-down time in your workout routine, and be sure to stay hydrated before and after you work out. If you are starting a new workout routine, be sure to consult with your doctor as well to make sure that your exercise routine works well with your overall health goals and concerns.


29 August 2018

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