Spotting The Symptoms Of Bulimia: What You Should Know

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Bulimia is a type of eating disorder someone can be suffering from, but it isn't always what you may think. Most people think that someone is usually throwing up in an effort to purge their food, but other methods may be used as well. If you aren't sure if someone you love is suffering from this disorder, read on for a few signs or symptoms the person may be showing.

Using The Restroom Immediately After Eating

If you notice the person eating a meal, then immediately excusing themselves to the bathroom for awhile, it could be indigestion, or it could be something worse. Most bulimics will eat a normal amount of food before purging, and some may eat far more than is typical. The person may be throwing up, or could be using some other method, such as using laxatives in order to purge their food. Either way, the person will most likely excuse themselves right after eating to get rid of the food right away.

Excessive Weight Loss

Bulimia will result in a great deal of weight loss, including a loss of muscles. The person will most likely have visible bones including a concave chest, cheek bones, ribs, and protruding hip bones. Some people may be bulimic without being this thin, but will still display a big weight loss in a short time period.

Display Weakness Or Dizziness

A person suffering from bulimia may be visibly weak or get dizzy easily upon standing. They may have a harder time doing regular activities that they normally wouldn't have had an issue with otherwise. This is because the lack of nutrition and needed calories to keep the body going and moving. The person may also pass out regularly, or black out, requiring the person to sit or lay down to get their bearings back.

Have Poor Oral Health

Someone that is throwing up often is going to have acid pass through their mouth and onto their teeth. All of this acid will cause poor oral health including tooth decay, tooth discoloration, cavities or gingivitis. If the person is having oral health issues (combined with the other symptoms above), it could be a read flag for bulimia.

Someone that is suffering from bulimia will try to hide it to prevent getting found out. Keep an eye on the person you suspect is suffering from this disorder and get them the help they need before it takes over their life and affects their health further. Find an eating disorder treatment facility for helpful tips to get this person the help they need. Click here to continue reading more about bulimia and other eating disorders.


30 September 2018

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