Seeking Relief From A Sports Injury: Four Approaches To Help Neck Pain

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Being active has a host of advantages, from helping you feel better emotionally to helping you stay in better shape. Unfortunately, sports injuries can occur from time to time in highly active people. When an injury results in neck pain, there are a few approaches you can take to seek relief. Here are just some of those options.

Visit A Chiropractor

A chiropractor can help provide relief for neck pain and other associated symptoms through a few simple adjustments. Your chiropractor can relieve pressure on a pinched nerve to help you regain better range of motion in your neck and shoulders, for example. You can also have adjustments performed to help relieve inflammation around the neck due to whiplash or a repetitive motion injury. Of course, visiting a chiropractor can also be a great option for relieving everyday neck and back pain associated with your sport of choice.

Use Moist Heat

Moist heat can also help relieve inflammation and swelling. Consider hot showers, hot baths, or warm compresses can provide a great source of relief. A simple approach is to wrap your neck with a warm washcloth or hand towel. You can place it in the microwave for a few seconds, but be sure to let it cool enough so you don't cause burns or damage to the skin.

Get A Massage

You don't need to have an excuse to get a relaxing massage, but in the event of a neck injury, visiting a masseuse might be just the thing. If you have a spa you visit regularly, call for a neck appointment. In some cases, your doctor can even provide a referral for a massage. You can even ask your chiropractor if he or she offers this service along with regular adjustments. You may be able to have the cost of a massage covered by your health insurance if it is recommended by a physician or chiropractor.

Use Physical Therapy

For more severe injuries, or if you can't seem to help the pain through other methods, physical therapy can be a great option. Your physical therapist will help you work on stretches and exercises you can do at home as well as during office visits to help regain better range of motion and reduce the overall amount of pain you experience. He or she can also recommend adaptive equipment to better position your neck while you recover. Before seeing a physical therapist, you'll want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to rule out other potential complications, such as a fracture or more serious injury.


11 November 2018

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