These Myths About Speech Therapy Have More Bark Than Bite

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Hearing that your child needs or could benefit from speech therapy may be a little alarming at first. But often, this is because some of the things you've heard about speech therapy aren't exactly accurate. Disinformation is all over the place, but the following myths about speech therapy have more bark than bite!

Speech therapy is just for developmentally delayed kids

You may assume that since your child needs speech therapy, they must have some sort of developmental delay. Like many parents, you may think this is just the first step in a long line of diagnoses. It is true that many children with developmental delays benefit from speech therapy. However, many kids who are developmentally normal — other than struggling with speech a bit — also need speech therapy. If your child is not showing any other signs of developmental delays, then there is no reason to assume there is anything further wrong with them, other than a few speech difficulties.

Speech therapy is a waste of time because kids will grow out of their speech struggles

Some kids might eventually grow out of their speech problems on their own and without therapy. But others won't. And even if your child might eventually grow out of the difficulties they are facing, wouldn't you rather those difficulties were addressed sooner? With the help of a therapist, your child can learn to better communicate much sooner, and good communication can benefit them educationally and socially. 

Speech therapy means you aren't doing your job as a parent

Some parents feel like they failed their child because their child needs speech therapy. Don't fall into this self-destructive line of thinking! There are many reasons a child may struggle with speech, from natural differences in the way their mouths are shaped to premature birth. If your child has older siblings, they may be struggling with clear speech simply because they've been mimicking the not-so-clear speech of those siblings! The need for therapy does not mean you are a bad parent in any way. However, you will be a very good parent if you get your child the early help they need in the form of speech therapy.

If your child's doctor or teacher has recommended that they work with a speech therapist or speech pathologist, then take them up on this recommendation. The myths you've heard about speech therapy are not true, and it's a very helpful thing for kids to go through.

If you have further questions, reach out to a speech clinic, such as Eastern Carolina Ear Nose & Throat-Head.


3 December 2020

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