Buying Scrubs That Will Last

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Scrubs don't just get used; they get abused. You wear them through long shifts, while juggling multiple patients, and while carrying countless medical instruments in your pockets. If you don't want to be buying a new pair of scrubs every month, then you need to look for durable scrubs that will really last. Here are some tips for identifying these hard-wearing, long-lasting scrubs.

Feel the thickness of the material.

The biggest difference between cheaper scrubs and more expensive scrubs is usually the thickness of the material. Two pairs of scrubs may look the same, but if you feel one, you'll notice the material takes up more space between your fingers. Not only are scrubs made from thicker material less likely to tear, but they will also hold their shape better through endless cycles of washing and drying. For clothing that you wash after every use, this is important.

Look at the stitches.

The best scrubs will be double-stitched in areas where tears are most common, such as along waistbands and down the side seams. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the thread; it will be less prone to coming unraveled or breaking if it is thick. The best scrubs often have thread in a color that contrasts that of the material because this makes it easier to see the stitches — and they want to show off their good-quality stitches.

Check for reinforced pockets.

When the pocket detaches from a set of scrubs, you might as well throw away those scrubs if you don't have someone who can sew the pocket back on. Scrubs aren't as useful if you can't put things in the pockets. So before you buy scrubs, look to make sure the pockets are made with an extra layer of material and that they're double-stitched on. You also want to look for spacious pockets. It's better if there's a lot of room in the pocket so that you're not stretching it out every time you put something inside of it. Stretching is hard on the stitches and could cause the pocket to tear over time.

If you find a good set of scrubs made with thick material, double or really thick stitches, and reinforced pockets, jump on the opportunity to buy them. These are scrubs that will last you for quite a while, even if you really put them to the test while at work. For more information on medical scrubs, contact a scrub supplier.


18 February 2021

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