Did You Know Your Physical Therapist Can Help With Vaginismus?

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Most people will never consider physical therapy, but the truth is that it is one of the most versatile fields. A professional can help you understand your health and help you build strength and skills so that you can deal with common issues.

One of those common issues is vaginismus, or tightening of the vaginal walls. If you have been diagnosed with vaginismus, you may want to know how physical therapy can help.

Physical Therapists Understand Vaginismus

Vaginismus involves the involuntary tightening of pelvic muscles, including the vaginal walls. Many people do not realize they have this condition until they try to have sexual intercourse or insert a tampon.

Physical therapists also know that you may feel like you are hitting a wall when you try to have intercourse or use any menstrual device. It is difficult to live the normal life you want, and a physical therapist can help you find ways to remedy the condition on a physical level.

The Pelvic Floor-Breathing Connection

One of the strengths of a physical therapist is helping you understand the mind-body connection. They also help you understand how your own breathing can help tell your body to relax. You can gain a lot of ground by breathing correctly, and your therapist can show you techniques you can use to do this.

Stretching, Flexibility, and Strength

Physical therapists will likely instruct you to stretch the hips, thighs, and back. As you stretch, you will focus on that relaxing breath, releasing and engaging muscles as needed. This will help relax those pelvic floor muscles that become tight.

Similarly, your physical therapist will help you choose which exercises you should do and how to do them safely. For example, did you know that you might want to avoid crunches if you experience vaginismus? Your therapist can provide you with healthier alternatives so you don't worsen the problem.

Dilating and Massage

Dilation is often the next part of therapy. Your therapist may begin with pelvic floor massage, something you can learn to do for yourself. Next, you will work on dilating, which involves inserting dilator wands into the canal, reducing tension when your body interprets stimuli there.

Make an Appointment With a Physical Therapist Today

Your physical therapist can help, but you have to be ready to face your issues head-on. Call a physical therapy clinic today to learn more about your options for therapy to treat vaginismus and other forms of pelvic floor dysfunction.


24 June 2021

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