3 Types Of Expert Witnesses To Consider For A Domestic Violence Case

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An expert witness is someone who is called upon, in the court, to apply their many years of knowledge and experience in a certain field to the case at hand. A court may call a forensics expert to testify in a murder case, or they may call a welding expert in a personal injury case where a weld failed. But what about a domestic violence case? What types of expert witnesses can help strengthen your case in this type of situation? There are three key types of expert witnesses that you and your lawyer may want to consider contacting.

Medical Experts

The first type of expert witness to consider including is a medical doctor. Preferably, you will want someone who is familiar with traumatic injuries, such as an emergency room doctor or reconstructive surgeon. This expert witness can look at your injuries, or photos of your injuries, and testify that they are consistent with injuries caused by domestic violence. This can be really helpful if your abuser is trying to argue that you injured yourself or that the injuries that caused you are due to some other cause. If your abuser says you ran into a doorway, but the expert witness insists your injuries were caused by a punch, the jury or judge is more likely to believe the expert.


Often, domestic violence does as much mental and emotional damage to a person as it does physical damage. So, it can be a good idea to have a psychiatrist testify to the fact that the emotional trauma you've suffered is consistent with that often suffered by domestic violence victims. Note that this witness does not have to be your psychiatrist. They can be an outside practitioner who you meet with just once or twice before your court date to discuss the basics of your case.

Relationship Counselors

Finally, you may want to have a relationship counselor or couples counselor stand up as an expert witness in your case. They can testify to the fact that your relationship has parallels to relationships that often result in domestic violence. Sometimes, they can make important points to the court after simply observing your abuser and the way they talk to you or your lawyer.

If you're the victim of domestic violence and you are taking your abuser to court, know that hiring a domestic violence expert witness can be of great value. Talk to your attorney about these options.


27 July 2021

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