Managing Your Symptoms With Stem Cell Knee Pain Injection Treatments

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Chronic knee pain can be a terrible problem for a person to experience. The intense discomfort and mobility problems that can be caused by this issue will have substantial impacts on a person's quality of life. The use of knee pain stem cell treatments can be one solution that patients may be able to utilize to manage this condition.  

Avoiding The Need For Invasive Surgical Procedures

Many individuals will choose to endure their chronic knee pain rather than take steps to alleviate this problem due to the belief that surgery is the only way to eliminate this potential source of discomfort. Knee surgery can be very invasive as it may require significant recovery times for the patient. However, surgical solutions are far from the only way that you may be able to correct your knee issue. For those that are wanting a more convenient solution, the use of stem cell treatments can be one solution that will allow the body to heal itself. Stems cells can transform into other types of cells, which can allow them to be an option for repairing damaged tissue, degraded cartilage, and other common sources of knee pain.

Speed Of Application

The entire process of undergoing stem cell knee pain treatments may be limited to less than a couple of hours. This can be an important element whenever a person is wanting a solution that will reduce the pain that their knee issue is causing without contributing to major disruptions to their normal schedule. Furthermore, this procedure will typically only require the use of a local anesthetic, which can help individuals avoid feeling drowsy following this procedure. As a result, individuals may be able to immediately return to their work or other responsibilities.

Limited Side Effects Following The Injections

After undergoing stem cell knee pain treatments, individuals will generally only experience mild side effects. In particular, it is common for patients to experience some degree of swelling following these injections. However, this swelling will be relatively limited and it should pass quickly. However, if the swelling is causing excessive discomfort or other issues, the use of ice packs, anti-inflammatory medications, and elevating the leg will generally be more than sufficient for minimizing the amount of swelling that is able to occur. The amount of swelling that may occur after the stem cell treatment may depend on the exact injection site in the knee, but the physician will be able to explain what you should expect in terms of swelling and other post-procedure symptoms.


10 October 2022

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